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93% of our micro-enterprises supported by Voice For Locals run their business without debts.

What’s In It For Your Small Business Clients?

Local businesses will be better placed to be self-reliant & self-resilient in the face of market challenges to allow them to stay profitable. At the heart of the Voice for Locals’ initiative is to enable businesses to make better use of their resources such as time & money to allow them to effortlessly attract & retain customers. Integrating both customer expectations and experiences into the planning process, will allow local businesses to be able to introduce new products & new processes through innovation assisted by: -

Digital apps & solutions
A marketing effectiveness programme
e-Learning modules
Certifications & global recognitions
Business & tech advice

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What’s In It For Local Consumers?

Customers will begin to think local and shop local more actively. 'Voice For Locals' is rated classifieds built entirely for local businesses. Customers will also be rewarded for their loyalty through a series of personalised promotions.

'Voice For Locals' app
A ‘rated’ list of sellers
Instant bookings
A more engaging customer experience
Loyalty points
Personalised rewards
Proactive announcements

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What's in it for Banks & NBFIs?

Banks & NBFIs have little knowledge on tmicro-enterprises. Voice For Locals program is designed to help local businesses bounce back with profitability and help the funders with the following benefits:

Recover Payments
Increase Business Confidence
Support Scaling Up
Track Business Performance

Data Driven Lending & Recovery

The Voice for Locals Initiative is a comprehensive programme which offers Banks & NBFIs incredible insights to deliver data-driven sanction and recovery of loans to local businesses. This programme will continuously collect local consumer insights to analyse & understand the changing local business & consumer trends.

Continuous insights

This initiative isn’t about running sample surveys from locals in the area. Rather, the initiative is designed to extract data and continuous learning from real consumers about their expectations & experiences following engagement with local businesses.

Genuine Insights

The insights collected from the programme are 100% genuine responses following genuine transactions unlike public reviews on social media platforms & search engines which do not validate the authenticity of an associated transaction.

Comprehensive insights

The insights generated from this programme provides a 360-degree view of consumers & local businesses including expectations, experiences, skill gaps, skill quality, learning, certifications, support as well as providing detail by time, date, place & sectors.

Real time insights

The insights presented by this programme is real-time, instant feed from all the local businesses & their customers. The system will process huge volumes, varieties and velocities of data to measure the veracity of insights produced.

Statistical insights

The insights created by this programme will help forecast trends, plan interventions & schedule sector specific actions at specific times of the day, week, month & year for businesses based on various metrics collected by our software systems.

Secured insights

The data collected and processed will be encrypted both when at rest and in motion. The programme follows strict adherence to GDPR rules and regulations to promise superior levels of data privacy, protection & confidentiality.

Preferred partners for banks to level up small business loan clients

Levelling up digitally excluded and disproportionately affected business customers of Equitas Bank across India with an unique concept of virtual Ecommerce shopping.

So What’s Next?

The programme is designed to renew local communities across the UK.

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