Get Rewarded For Shopping Local.

Look & shop local first to collect rewards that directly reduce your cost of living. Download the app to Voice For Locals.

Why Voice For Locals?

Local businesses are the backbone of a countries economy. When you spend locally, the money circulates within the local economy. If you don't look local first, over time you will have caused your own inflation resulting in very high cost of living.

Step 1 - Select your area

You can find local businesses in your own region or anywhere from Northern Ireland. The businesses are listed by their councils. Every council is a sub store if you would like to shop with local businesses in your council area.

Step 2 - Search for businesses

Search for businesses by council, town/city, type of business, credibility, ratings, reviews and more. Read the reviews before you buy or enquire. These are genuine reviews from genuine customers after genuine transactions.

Step 3 - Shop with businesses

You can buy a product and pay online. Usual delivery time will be 1-3 working days. You can enquire about the product or service or event using the enquire button too. Your enquiry will directly reach the business owner.

Step 4 - Rate local businesses

Every time you buy, book, hire from local businesses, remember to leave them feedback to help them know you, your preferences and experience. Your feedback matters and reflects on the portal too. Your feedback matters a lot for the business owners.

Shop, rate, review, like, follow, share and refer locals to get rewarded for being a proud responsible localite.