Voice For Locals, Globally In 2023

22,000+ businesses supported

15,000+ women led businesses

50,000+ consumers Voice For Locals

Who Is It For?

Voice For Locals is for any organisation in the world whose priority is to support and level up local businesses who are hard to reach, economically inactive, digitally excluded, disproportionately affected and in the verge of closing down permanently. We are keen to work with:

Public Sector Organisations

Small business governments, local councils/economic development offices

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Financial Instituitions

Small business banks, non-banking financial instituitions, impact investors, crowd funding groups..

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Business Networks

Chamber of commerce, business improvement districts, trader unions, weekend markets & high-street retail associations

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Community Enterprises

Community groups & voluntary organisations that support local businesses

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Voice For Locals won £1.822Mn, the largest UK Govt grant to support local businesses in Northern Ireland.

Top News & Updates

Watch this space for inspiring grass root level changes made globally by our Voice For Locals initiative.

Together we can, together we should 10X your local economy.

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