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Easy to plug-in framework that brings communities and local businesses to Voice For Locals louder.

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Levelled up 1609 businesses, certified 506 employees & diffused innovation into 819 businesses in just 10 months in the UK.

What’s In It For Local Businesses?

Local businesses will be better placed to be self-reliant & self-resilient in the face of market challenges to allow them to stay profitable. At the heart of the Voice for Locals’ initiative is to enable businesses to make better use of their resources such as time & money to allow them to effortlessly attract & retain customers. Integrating both customer expectations and experiences into the planning process, will allow local businesses to be able to introduce new products & new processes through innovation assisted by: -

Digital apps & solutions
A marketing effectiveness programme
e-Learning modules
Certifications & global recognitions
Business & tech advice

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What’s In It For Local Consumers?

Consumers will begin to think local and shop local more actively. 'Voice For Locals' is rated classifieds built entirely for local businesses. Consumers will also be rewarded for their loyalty through a series of personalised promotions.

'Voice For Locals' app
A ‘rated’ list of sellers
Instant bookings
A more engaging customer experience
Loyalty points
Personalised rewards
Proactive announcements

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What's in it for the community enterprises?

Bringing local businesses and consumers together to shop local has been a daunting task amidst stiff competition from high street and online giants. Voice For Locals program is designed to entice and motivate the local communities offering the following benefits:

Community Cross Promotions
Reward Locals
Train Business Advisors
Track Business Performance

Kadaiveedhi.shop, a Voice For Locals initiative to build a market place run by mums worldwide.

20000 sellers, 200k products made by mothers (who lost their careers after child birth) across the globe marketed and sold through expos, digital carnivals, Ecommerce and social media.

So What’s Next?

The programme is designed to renew local communities across the UK.

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